Katcheri, May 2018 – Present

Founder of – which aims to curate ‘Concert schedules’ across the city.

Thirupoonthuruthy Sri Narayana Tirtha Swamigal Trust, March 2005 -Present

Was one of the early and active members of the Trust founded by her grandfather Thirupoonthuruthy Late Sri V Venkatesan. The trust aims to create visibility for the compositions of Saint Sri Narayana Tirtha. She is the brain behind creative concepts such as opening a Tarangam Music School for underprivileged kids, conducting Tarangam Annual Music Competitions to ensure talents learn compositions of Narayana Tirtha at a younger age. She also leverages on digital mediums to connect with musicians, rasikas, organisers to create a better reach for the composer and his compositions.

Blogger Tanishq Swarna Sangeetham, April 2013 – June 2013 

TSS is a reality show which aims to preserve and promote Carnatic Music and was telecasted in Raj TV (a tamil channel) on Saturday and Sunday between 21:30 hrs and 22:30 hrs. This tele-production encapsulates beautiful compositions of great composers, different banis (aka school/genre/ styles of carnatic music) of yesteryear musicians, current and upcoming successful personalities in the field and acts as a great platform with apt exposure component for the newer generation of youngsters who are recognized and flooded with opportunities through this show.

Links to blog posts covering details about the episodes – Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10

Other Projects

Swathi is an active participant as well as a contributor in a number of social awareness and outreach projects to create awareness for Carnatic Music.