Week 2: Spouse / Significant Other

To my future soulmate, husband, significant other. (If you exist) 


How have you been?

Hope life’s awesome at your end.

Phew, I have lots to say. But, let me get started with a few things.

Whoever you are, this is what I wanted to let you know.

I want you to be you always.

Pursue what you really want.

I hope you’re someone who is happy and takes pride in what you do everyday.
It could be an unsolved math problem or a signature dish you would like to cook.
It could be traveling around the world or sharing your experience with the next generation.
It could be a piece of art that you took months to create or serving patients all day long.
It could be anything that you do.

Whatever it is, please remember that I am already proud of who you are. Because, it takes a lot of courage to pursue whatever you believe in.

I am certain life has tested you and you’d failed many a times. But, what is success if you don’t fail, fall and rise back again?

I understand that you’d trusted people all along. You’ve been deceived too. I wish, you have the strength to trust with all the broken pieces. Or we could figure this out together 🙂

If you’ve not realized this already, believe me, you’re beautiful. You’re awesome. You’re rare.

You’re optimistic at one end, pessimistic on another.
You’re confused, yet you’re clear on certain things.
You care a lot, but don’t know how to express.
You’re simply a human. And I get that you have emotions too.

I sincerely pray that, we remain friends forever and keep company with a sense of mutual respect and admiration for each other.

I wish, I could learn a lot from you and be there for you.

I wish I could make your dreams come true and help you in every best possible way.

I wish to make your family and friends mine.

Lastly, I really do hope, you exist.

And, if you do exist, I simply want to say thank you.
For being born, being you.

P.S: Glad to meet you.


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