Week 3 – Family


December 22, 1989, I was born and was blessed with a family. A family that has been my everything since then.

A family that’s given me life, an identity, taught me values, morals, been there through my ups and downs, always been my cheer leader and is completely proud of me no matter what.

My family usually comprises of appa and amma. They started their lives in a humble manner. They became my best friends – over a period of time. And, they have, till date given me everything that they could possibly give. I admit, I have given them the toughest of times, yet they only love me. I am incredibly blessed to have them as my parents and words shall not suffice to express what they mean to me.

There is an extension to this family. It includes my maternal grandparents and my aunt – who raised me when I was a kid and narrated their life’s experiences while my parents were busy at work. Thatha, patti and chitti – you all have enriched my life.

And, as of today, these people endlessly worry about me – only because they love and care for me. Unconditional love and happiness I have.

Thank you, my family ❤

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