Week 2 – Significant Other


I am skewing this week’s topic as per my convenience. [Reason: I am single/unmarried]

My significant other at this point in time is music. I have not experienced anything in this world as pure, honest and powerful as music. Music simply reflects my state of mind. In most scenarios, it’s only made my everyday better and probably the sole reason, I look forward to many such beautiful days. It’s the reason I exist. I co-exist.

For bringing music into my life, I definitely need to thank my parents, especially my amma for encouraging me to pursue music ever since I was a toddler.

I would extend my gratitude to all my gurus who have tirelessly and endlessly made me the person I am today – for making me a human being – who also has the ability to express through music.

The gratitude list definitely is incomplete without mentioning the endless inspiration and beautiful artistes who I continue to  listen to and appreciate different forms of music.

And, to my friends and well-wishers who have influenced me to take my own music more seriously in this coming year.

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