Telegram Messenger

Decide if you would like to use Telegram or not after reading this.

Telegram, by Pavel Durov is a whatsapp look-alike messenger – which makes it super simple for users to adopt and get started.

Why is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

  • Now, you can communicate across devices. Start your conversation on phone, switch to laptop and continue from where you left. Or, maybe use it on your tablet device too, fancy no?
    [Thanks to the synchronise feature. This feature is familiar amongst Apple fan boys and girls. Now, non-apple folks can also benefit from Telegram]
  • Store all your media – favourite pictures, videos and parts of conversation – no need to lose any of them, anymore.
    [All your media gets stored in cloud]
  • Fast. Like speed of light. Okay kidding. But, this is super fast. Really.
    [Servers spread across the globe]
  • Did I tell you that there are no blue tick marks? [Seriously, that’s the last best thing about Telegram. But to those who are obsessed about that green tick mark, Telegram is all of that. Just, take it and go]

Telegram’s similar features to WhatsApp

  • Chat with all your mobile contacts
  • Converse in groups
  • Share wishes/news/ important messages using broadcast feature
  • Share voice messages
  • Share photographs
  • Share videos
  • Share contact details
  • Shares images from the web
  • Share current location
  • Share any other document
  • Change chat background theme
  • Edit/Delete profile picture

Some interesting features available

  • Create a secret chat with your loved ones [To those who want to encrypt messages and send to the receiver, good luck]

Potential features Telegram could include in the next version

  • Voice calls across devices
  • Video Chats across devices
  • Ability to add email addresses as contacts – and not restrict users only with phone number to use Telegram [solution : Create for this. And for creating this, you could capture their real phone number]
  • When links are shared within chats, a snapshot view of the same would help.

Telegram Messenger could give brands WhatsAppFacebook MessengerViberSkypeSlack and similar other communication tools a tough competition.

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