Year 2013

I have this crazy habit to record whatever I had experienced every year in my blog space. 

So here it goes.

What went well – 

  1. Completed Certification in Project Management from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
  2. Did my First Music Production for a play – an adapted version of Mahabharata text for American International School, Chennai
  3. Wrote about 10 blog articles for Tanishq Swarna Sangeetham, a reality show on Classical Music that got broadcasted in Raj TV
  4. Started Quilling, clay modelling (using polymer clay and air dry clay)
  5. Credited for a song in a Tamil movie, Nalanum Nandiniyum
  6. Performed Thatha-Patti’s Sadhabhishekam (80th birthday celebrations)
  7. Started baking
  8. First exhibition of my handicraft work for display cum sale happened in Chennai
  9. Completed M.Music (Masters in Music) – First year successfully
  10. Switched to a new job with Human Factors International, Mumbai/Pondicherry
  11. Became a Certified Usability Analyst
  12. Performed around 20 classical music concerts across the year

What didn’t go too well –

  1. Two of my classmates Chintan Buch and Sahil Quereshi are not amidst us today due to a car accident
  2. Passing away of too many legendary artistes and amazing people who were such inspiration to me
  3. Still disturbed by so many violence against women in the form of rapes, abuse; against children.

Dear 2013, 

You’ve been very awesome to me. 

Dear 2014, 

You better be nice to everyone around me. 

On that note, here’s wishing all my readers a fantastic new year 2014. 

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