To my fellow Indians…

….to my generation and the coming generations. Change is required.

From us, let it begin.

No more blame games.

1. India belongs to you. You represent the country. It’s all about its people. You’re part of it. So, no self centered thoughts please. You’re a reason for what’s happening to India. In some way. Think. You’ll know.
2. Stop having your assumed insecurities and leading them into ruthless crimes.
3. Men and women are equal. Women don’t want reservations to make them feel special. Just treat them equal. Even better, don’t have wild ideas and think anything beyond with them.
4. Be cultured. All you single person. Culture is how you define it. How you behave.
5. You don’t need laws. Self discipline is more than enough.
6. Education is important. But not the kinds we are following currently. And we need to empower everyone with all possible career/sustainable opportunities.
7. Teach. Love. Spend quality time with your kids. It will help them grow into better individuals.
8. Invest in Indian products. Indian culture. Indian companies. Support fellow Indians with ideas. Help him/her gets their funds instead of letting them depend on angel investors from foreign countries.
9. Instill the thought that unity is important. No more disparity in thoughts.
10. Kill ego, jealously, comparisons right now. Forever burn them.

think aloud. do we need anyone to govern ourselves?

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