My Song in Nalanum Nandhiniyum Movie

The movie ‘Nalanum Nandhiniyum‘ is an upcoming movie directed by Venkatesan Ramakrishnan, produced by Ravindar Chandrasekaran of Libra Productions. My association in this film project is because of the song I recorded for the extremely talented Ashwath Naganathan, the Music Director of this film.

It was that time of the year when I used to juggle between 2 cities – Pune and Chennai and somewhere around early 2012, one of my closest friends (name not disclosed here. But you know who you are) referred my name to Ashwath Naganathan. So, we met and tried on different genre songs, scales, feel, emotion, lyrics and everything a typical singer goes through musically. We had several sessions post this meet and recorded few tracks for this album as well.

After several months, I was asked to come for a final recording of the song and, today, after lots of ups and downs, I am credited for my song ‘Veetukulla Vaanavillu’. Ashwath wanted some newness in the song since its an unplugged version and gave me all the freedom to experiment. I share the song space with friends Madhumita Ramesh and Deepak from ‘Airtel Super Singer 2008’ and ‘Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2009’ respectively.

The entire music album gets released in Geneva, Switzerland today.

P.S : I am really grateful to you Ashwath, because you genuinely believed in my singing and worked your way around to have me in this project. Thank you so so much!

P.P.S : As always, I share my happiness with you all – my supportive parents, my gurus, my friends, well-wishers and to all of you reading this post.

Nalanum Nandiniyum

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  1. Gurupriya

    Great work Swathi 🙂 All the best. This is JUST the beginning 🙂 SOOOO happy for you, azhagi 🙂 You sound fabulous!

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