List of Sevens

This blogpost rolls back to 2008, almost 5 years ago since I had written this elsewhere. It still holds good today and I should probably try achieving half the things mentioned here.

Seven things that I plan to do :

1. Learn playing instruments like Guitar, Piano, Flute and fine tune my playing skills with Violin
2. Learn 5 – 6 languages including few foreign languages
3. Globe/India Trotting
4. Become an established Vocalist
5. Start a play skool for kids
6. Write a book
7. Prioritize the listed things and execute them too 🙂

Seven things I can do :

1. Sing (Whenever, Whatever, Wherever, However )
2. Click you. Click flicks.
3. Talk, Talk, Talk, ………. and endlessly Talk [ meaningful, technical, motivational and stupid talks]
4. Watch movies continuously for days [preferably thriller, romance, comedy]
5. Flash a smile when someone scolds me
6. Write. Write posts like this. Some better ones too.
7. Sleep like there is no tomorrow

Seven things I can’t do :

1. Stay idle – Sit simply without doing anything
2. Accept people who are dishonest and disloyal
3. Cook things that ordinary people want to eat
4. Watch the same channel for more than 15 minutes
5. Write codes – could be anything you know. like saying something, meaning something else. or the geek computer stuff. My belief is KISS – keep it simple and short
6. Perform an action without being convinced of its purpose
7. Sewing

Seven things I say most often :

1. Yay =D
2. Dude!
3. Whatever.
4. Well. Yeah.
5. Take care
6. Hmmm/Mmmm
7. Are you serious?

Seven most important people in my life :

1. Appa and Amma – For giving me everything that I did/didn’t require 😀
2. This position is vacant for now. Someone in the future might take over this place =P
3. My teachers and gurus – For enriching lessons which makes my life more meaningful.
4. Well Wishers – For believing in me and my abilities and constantly being a source of motivation.
5. Friends – You all are the best things in my life. I love you!
6. Role models/Inspirations – to constantly learn from and remain a learner.
7. People who hurt me knowingly/unknowingly because they teach me life’s most important lessons. They really did in the past.


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