PowerMockup – Wireframing made simpler

Working day-in and out on prototyping design concepts/ideas/solutions using various design tools, I always dreamt of having a tool which was simpler and familiar. That’s when I learnt about PowerMockup. The name says it all. Its extremely powerful and very simple to create mockups in an effective yet not so time consuming manner.

So, what is so unique about PowerMockup?

  1. It works perfectly well on Power Point 2007,2010,2013 versions – Thus helps most non-designer users to work in their comfort zone
  2. You have ready-to-use, already-created-components (basic and common ones)
  3. Create new icons or components and add to the stencil which could be reused


I thought it would be ideal to creat a project using PowerMockup and showcase its simplicity and effectiveness. The images attached below showcases a work flow for student login and landing page.  I could possibly do this in less than 10 minutes which would have usually taken about 2-6 hours if I had to create everything from scratch (varies from user to user’s expertise).

If you’re impressed and feel you can make some awesome concept representations using this tool, you could download the same from here.

Essential tool for users like Project Managers, Design Strategist, Product Lead, Ideator, Speaker, Blogger, Cartoonist, User Experience Lead, Student,  Teacher and the like.

I personally thank Andreas Wulf, creator of this wonderful tool.

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