Beyond Art. Business and Strategy.

So. Here is an actor. Indeed a brilliant talent. Knows acting, singing, dancing, directing, script writing, composing, editing, choreography, teaching and did I miss anything else? And, he is near perfect in everything he pursues.

I am sure you’re thinking that you know all that’s stated above and what’s so cool about this yet-another-blogpost. Well, there is.

I would like to record my perspectives here. Firstly, the movie receives a certification from Censor. Sounds good for the audience. Expectations set with DTH and there hits publicity. Everyone (barring distributors and theatre owners) is amazed by his vision to increase media revenue tapping on such favorable streams.

Few days before its implemented, Boom. He is in news. DTH can’t happen. A group protests. Public has empathized with him and for the movie. But the impact isn’t as expected. Never mind.

Next, movie is set for release across the globe. World Wide release is not a small thing. Not a god damn joke for sure. What’s done good now to make it work? Ban the movie in the name of protests from Muslim Leaders and representatives from the community that this entire movie is demeaning and offensive. Well, probably it is. I am not sure. Haven’t watched the movie yet. Conversations continue to happen around the movie.

One week later, looks like it would get released and then the government stops it. Why? Business maybe. Or personal interests. Or genuine concern of disharmony.

Through all these factual incidents, I somewhere feel that the entire movie has performed a brilliant act outside the screens too. At the same time, I empathize with the artist too. More so after the Press Conference video. Respect for the man is there. But, it’s still about personal interests. To him, his art and creativity, and to those who are stopping it, their political interests.

What has this done?

Created a brilliant promotion strategy for films and new revenue stream for businesses to happen in Media Industry

What should not happen beyond this?

No more bans in the name of geography, religion, color, creed, gender etc. Ours is the country which preached ‘Vettrumaiyil Ottrumai Thaan Bharatham’ and its high time we respect this and adopt it as a practice.

And you’ve been a sincere Kamal Fan if you reached till here.

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