Open letter to Dear Mankind

Call me a feminist, a women with a lot of attitude, or whatever. But as a man if you do not know to respect your opposite sex who are women, who are supposedly your equal beings and if you are the kind, who will justify for fellow men who have involved themselves in sexual abuses, rapes, harassment  ill treatment of women in present and past, I will make up my mind right away that its not worth getting across my views to you.

I haven’t voiced out my concerns because of the terrible incident that has affected a 23 year old very badly and has put the entire mankind???!!! to shame. I am writing this today only because I have heard, read and also know women who have been affected throughout their life because of such evil behavior. This is only an attempt to record my observations on what every girl goes through in their day to day life.

To begin with, please give me some real cases / incidents of a woman or a girl involved in sexual violence with a man in our country. On the other hand, compare these numbers in a vice-versa scenario.

Next, it leaves me in complete disgust to learn that our hungry-craving-violent men didn’t want to leave even a 6 months old baby. I mean, why/how/what can they do with that baby? Its a god damn baby. Read BABY. Kindly explain how this baby should have behaved and protected herself so that she didn’t instigate those men who indulged in such a cruel action with her.

A women is nothing less than an object of sex – that’s the freaking truth and reality in our country. At some work places, the environment of work is so bad that she has to succumb to her bosses (who are usually men) and is left with no  support. If she is vocal about her opinion, her continuation at that work place is at stake. At night, she has to be back home by the mentioned curfew time. If she is married, she is constantly suspected of her dignity. She drinks/smokes, she is considered a bad omen. She fights for equality, its mocked as yet another mob group of women screeching for senseless demands. I do not endorse that whatever a women involves herself in, is a right thing. But the underlying truth is that she is forced into several things without a choice.

Having stated certain facts of what women go through as a routine, there are also some women who take these stigmas to their advantage and start involving in crimes that have also impacted a lot of men and led them into distress. But, in my personal view, the affected is still a majority of women in the name of sexual abuse/assault/harassment/violence.

The only hope to make this country a better place is to train our children when they are young to respect each other. But for that to happen, the kids should be allowed to grow in the first place.

Hope humanity prevails!

Disclaimer : This article is not intended to generalize men of our country. Because, I believe  there are always exceptions. 


  1. Sidharth Iyer

    This is the sorry state of affair all over the world in recent times not just the sub-continent, its sickening to hear such horror tales of small children being rape victims, it must be such a traumatic experience scaring them for eternity. There is still hope though and HµMåÑÏT¥ shall prevail over this insanity in due time.
    Thank You Swathi for mincing no words and bringing out the true emotions boiling within you.

  2. aarti

    It is appaling the news/instances we come across and I have given up all hope of Men coming to their senses(if they have any) and respecting us women…

    Sad world we live in :/
    Heart goes out to all those who are abused (I do know of men who’ve been abused by relative aunts etc but that is a negligible number to that of women)

  3. Anuj Gupta

    Though its a very nicely written article expressing the current environment and a woman’s anguish, somehow I feel the beginning is very negative and reflecting upon a broader group called “men” rather than those who are the real culprits. Going on further, it very accurately captures the pain a woman feels in such atmosphere. Overall a very nice piece. Yet again, will put forth my opinion that the starting could have been a little more optimistic.
    Rest, keep writing and keep sharing.
    And its from a man who does not judge you as a feminist or a female with an attitude.

    • swathi2212

      Respect your views Anuj. I agree that I could have toned down a bit. 🙂

      Also, as communication professionals, we really need to contribute to make these issues part of history. Seek your support as always.

  4. Musicworks

    Well written. What has happened has happened. Its extremely sad. But is pity the only thing we are asking at the end of the day?Aren’t we not highlighting weakness by talking about the same “sexual harassment”. Please do not glorify it. If at all, it is an act of shame and less manliness for a man to rape someone. Parents, friends, colleagues at work, have to ensure that a girl has to be given the confidence, comfort and hope that she can live with respectability even if she has gone through a rape. Fight it, but, do not add mental baggage to an already physically affected person. Show strength! Apart from sexual harassment, do not women go through extreme abuse both physically and mentally on a day to day basis? Dont they face discrimination at work places because of gender? Why women expect themselves to be treated with more grace, courtesy or specially because of their womanhood? Why do women let their gender dictate the way people should treat them? Why do you use gender as an excuse or why do you let others use it? By this, are we not letting ourselves down? – just a perspective.

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