Harnessing the potential of smartphone to engage customers


In the dynamic world of technology and rapidly changing marketing scenario, marketers are constantly on the lookout for engaging customers through innovation, customized content and targeted reach. I take opportunity to write about the emerging trends of new age marketing to engage customers through harnessing the potential of smartphone.


Mobile gaming has become one of the primary drivers for smartphone adoption in the recent past. Attribute it to puzzles/games like “Angry Birds”, “Temple Run”, “Fruit Ninja”, “Chess with Friends”, “Draw Something” and currently the most addictive games like ”Words with Friends” and “Scramble with words” has led to the highest reasons for mobile usage. Recently, it was observed that these game applications and the like have been well utilized by various marketeers to engage their customers. They have used the time and space between moves from different players or the transition between levels in a single player game to showcase advertisements. There is constant information being passed to the customers through these gaming applications.


Geolocation strategies are usually the usage of Wi-Fi or instant location services being turned on that will facilitate communication of messages being received by users on the go. These strategies are incorporated in most of the Social apps. Most effective use of this is Foursquare.com where several users share content and check into various locations they visit on a daily basis. In this way, users get to view other user‟s reviews about a restaurant or even a retail shop. These features inbuilt into the social app allow users to share their views with their friends on Facebook, Twitter or even mail it to them. This is a clear win-win engagement strategy by marketeers.

2Gs, 3Gs and 4Gs

The most key aspect today to engage customers is Technology. They are essential to support the fast growing needs and wants of their users since it‟s on the rise today. Very recently, mobile devices have announced to roll out new versions of their existing models with advanced technology which helps connectivity faster. Apple, the leading brand in technology space has announced to incorporate 4G in their next launch of mobile and tablet devices.

QR Codes

A new technology is revolutionizing the trade around the world with a “barcode”, called a QR code that allows consumers to access mobile websites with the click of a button. For instance, it is simply done by scanning the QR code on a smartphone and the person can access a restaurant’s website on their mobile and get everything from opening time, directions and free coupons to menus, bookings and even a video of the chef cooking the house special.

It is imperative that more marketeers start using this space effectively to engage customers only because the future is on the go.

Picture Credit : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/mobile-phones/9365085/Smartphones-hardly-used-for-calls.html

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