The way I sent texts and made calls.

A generic conversation about first phones came up at workplace and this post is because of that chittery chat.

It all started when I was in 7th Standard (Year 2002) in school, my parents got me my first ever phone. I have used this “tiny little thing that you can hold into your palms” for years now and when I think of my first few days with the phone, I feel nostalgic.

It was because of this technology could I talk to my dad who worked miles away from us at any given point of time, I could go for recordings late at night and still update my parents about my whereabouts, I could play Snake game throughout the night just before my board exams, endlessly reply to friends calls and texts during birthdays, ask doubts to my school principal about a math problem late at night and have all those little emotions going and building stronger relationships for life.

Today, I do almost everything in my phone – set reminders, social networking, play games, listen to music, record concerts, click photographs aside its main purpose of calling and texting.
So, here is an effort to showcase the great inventions of a mobile giant named Nokia that has made me communicate to various people in a better and timely manner till 2012 and now to Apple for continuing all that Nokia gave me and many more things in a collaborative way!

1. Year 2002 – Nokia 3350

2. Year 2003 – Nokia 1100 

 3. Year 2004 – Nokia 3220 

4. Year 2005 – Nokia 1110

5. Year 2007 – Nokia 1208 

6. Year 2010 – Nokia C3 

 7. Year 2012 – Apple iPhone 4S


And, here is to many more phones that would probably rule my life in the years to come. Cheers to all those who have been master minds behind these great phones.

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