INOX vs Sathyam (Chennai)


If you’re wondering what this post is all about, I am simply listing down my pain points as a customer of INOX.

1. How did I end up at INOX?

Myself and friends decided to watch a movie called Naan Ee today and the only theatre which had tickets available in was INOX. So, here we fell for the movie and went ahead with our booking.

As a receipt, I get an Eticket which states the theatre name, movie details, time, seating. ( + + – – – )

2. What happens before getting into the theatre?

I was asked to redeem my Eticket into their tickets. Here, I had to stand in a long queue. Despite reaching the theatre around 6.35pm while the movie begins at 6.50pm, I got my tickets not before 6.45pm. 10mins chaos where last minute crowd management was done. ( – – – – – )

3. Popcorn/ snacks buying? Important no?

So, I manage to see a lot of vendors – both internal and external there selling a lot of eateries. The hungry soul I was at that point decided to skip few minutes of the movie and buy my desired eateries.

And what I experienced was the worst. They had a separate counter for billing and a separate counter for getting the food as per your bill. Also, while paying, they don’t accept card but only cash. #epicfail. This had me buy limited food because I was short of cash.

With a grumpy mood setting in, I waited in another long queue to get my eateries. Thankfully, here the counter guy had all the billed items since I saw few other customers whining about not getting what they wanted and accepted whatever was given to them. “Puffs ille saar” says the counter guy. Instead “Samosa wokay vaa?” ( – – – – – )

4. Entering the hall and finding my seats.

The screen shown to me while booking had a different layout and when I entered, the seats I had booked looked way different. I had none of the INOX guys helping me here while I was struggling my way to the seats. ( + + – – – )

5. Exiting from the hall

The theatre is located inside the mall and the exit given to us was the emergency exit which was very narrow. With the crowd rush, one had to keep falling over someone or the other. ( + + – – – )

6. Pricing

Most of all, for the kind of service given, everything was overpriced and pathetically implemented.
( – – – – – )

The overall ambience and maintenance of the theatre is extremely poor. Lots of learning awaits INOX.

What has Sathyam Cinemas done differently?

Firstly, Sathyam is INOX’s direct competitor because it is situated in the same geographic area – Royapettah/R K Salai and aims to tract similar target group having similar pricing and screening similar movies.

The only thing Sathyam had done is having an edge over all the pain points that INOX at the moment has and serving the customers to their best ability and thus leading customer satisfaction.

And, this is my last time visit to INOX until they improve their entire working process and create a better experience for customers.


  1. Aravind

    I'd decided that I will not visit INOX mainly because the movie watching experience is so poor there. Apart from the point you've mentioned, what angers me most is the pathetic audio and video quality. I remember watching Inception there (as I couldn't get tickets anywhere else), and it was as though it was a thiruttu VCD print. Horrible projectors, horrible sound systems. I decided I'm NEVER visiting INOX again.

  2. RP

    Well thats simple.. Sathyam has set standards that no theatre in india has [dont count the IMAX bigscreen thats a monster not a theatre :)]. I travel a lot and manage to watch a movie in the biggest theatres in every city. inox and pvr have thier guidlines to set a theatre up. etc.sathyam on the other hand can go creative and splurge on interiors/projection/sound etc.To my sathyam cinemas is the best in india, the only other theatre that matches its quality is the directors' cut PVR in delhi

  3. Aarti

    The only thing I like about inox is their 3D glasses concept- you pay a sum and you get it back, but that said I hate standing in lines and as you rightly mentioned inox is full of it and exit is the worst.. Same exit for mall and theater.. Shabba- chaos at ticket counter, checking bags( wtf thy dont allow water bought in food court)… Anyways as you see we all can go on … Am curious to try S2 from Satyam

  4. Divya Suryanarayanan

    ahhh…and not to forget this…we were given seats in a1 a2 a3 and a4 and Voilaaaaa….guess what????there was noo A row:O on a leisure day i have to go back and check the alphabetical arrangement of the theater seats to crack the missing row mystery…

  5. Sheik Dawood

    This is I watch movies only at udhayam . No complaints, less money good experience. Even if you complain they won't care 🙂 by da way I don like inox , even in hyd I go to pvr or big cinemas

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