First Job. Its happening.

Its almost a month since I started work with a giant IT firm here in Chennai. Must admit that its been great so far. What makes such corporates respectable is that they differentiate themselves from other companies on the following parameters –

  1. Employees – What I mean here is that they don’t nag their employees and treat them like kinder garden kids. They trust their employees and have flexibilites with respect to work culture
  2. Work Atmosphere – Again, they believe that their employees make their stature of the company. So, they have all kinda technology, infrastructure and all necessities for work to be opertaional throughout and motivating for their employees
  3. Innovation – It might be cliche to state this. But trust me. To instill a culture to think in a futuristic way is definitely a big differentiator for a company that wishes to grow bigger by the day.
  4. Customers – At the end business is for a client and choosing the right kind of clients and doing business for them effectively and efficiently is clearly a win win situation

I am learning a lot of things everyday at work. At the end of the day, I also realize that only if I continue to have the quest for learning, I will learn more. Here, I wish to learn more like an inquisitive child.
Here, I wish to thank few people because of whom this “My-First-Job” could happen.

  1. My parents for constantly supporting and encouraging me in all endevors. I have hardly heard a no from them with respect to any decisions I take. We argue, we align with thoughts, but at the end, I have always stuck to my decisions. Thank you appa and amma for all that you had done for me.
  2. My extended family who just minded their business and not gave me suggestions to pursue like a million of other things.
  3. My guru(s) who were supportive of my decision to work and yet to have complete faith and trust in my ability to manage both music and work.
  4. My friends who put up with all my troubles, ideas, extreme mood swings and what not.
  5. Other companies who offered me jobs and boosted my morale in general towards work life
  6. SIMC Pune – My alma mater and to the great people/faculty/colleagues I met there.


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