Happy Birthday Pooj(U/A)

Well. This girl is one of my best friends on Lavale campus. Since Semester 1, she has been there for me. I have taken a lot of inspiration, feedback, criticism from her. She has been my model for photography assignments, my study mate, my listener, my photographer, my designer, my sister, my soul mate and most importantly a good friend and stood by the right always.

Some memorable moments with her have been studying for exams, silver spoon trip back to campus on bike (before my interview on Nov 27th 2011), 22.12.2011 for obvious reasons, our conversations in Room 445 with Alooooo, Section D days, watching movies together, and many more.

As have I told, thank you is an understatement. Just stay the same. Oh no. I wish her sound health, more wonderful opportunities in her arena of work – design, photography, art, advertising and all that she is passionate about and I will assure that miles apart you may stay, I will keep in touch with you.

Lots of love.

Swathi Ravichandran

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