A book with lot of emotions and much to the aptness of this blog, I pen down my experience reading ‘Another Chance’. This compelling novel on relationships is very much a personal thing for most of us.  Ruheen Oberoi is the central character of the narrative. She is described beautifully and much to her characterization, she belongs to a typical upper-middle class family. She gets pampered by ‘Nana’ (Grandpa) who is her only family.

The story time in the novel includes places like Mumbai, Shimla, Delhi, Paris, Amsterdam. These places are expressed in many words such that it enhances a reader to picture the same in his/her mind. The narrative structure of the story is non-linear/non-chronological; this makes it interesting and keeps the story gripping.

The story revolves around Ruheen and her life instances with various people, the kind of ups and downs she goes through with various men in her life, her determination to face life, her growing as a woman, her struggle in life, and finally realizes who the love of her life is.

First, there is Vishal, son of a Minister who stalks Ruheen. Then there is the hero of our book Aditya,  [Secretively wishes for a guy like him in my life ;)] whom Ruheen loves. But, trouble from Vishal makes Ruheen distant away from Aditya. Then, she moves on with her life. Meets stranger Rohan in a party. Decides hastily to marry and settle with him in London. Then she goes through a bad marriage life with him where she regrets her quick and unthoughtful decisions. Later, moves to Amsterdam and lives a solitude life. Here, she meets her love Aditya again who rescues her to Mumbai and starts living-in with him. Life and love grows in between them. She begins to feel insecure despite having all that she needs and its justified because of her past experiences. And then, she meets her childhood crush Varun who supports her during her tough times in Shimla. There is unconditional love from Aditya and Varun for Ruheen. Whom does she give another chance to be with her? Well. That’s the climax.

Few characters who made this book even more interesting – Meghna, Vidya, Mohan, Aarav (the sweet kid), Kishore.

Finally, this book is definitely worth reading for those who like emotions, relationships and love.

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