This decade will see very important twists and turns of my life. Reasons? Here it goes.

  1. I will hopefully complete my MBA degree by 2012.
  2. I will start working with ‘A’ company too.
  3. Aims to write a book by the end of 2015.
  4. Will do a P.hD in Music/Media studies. [don’t know by when]
  5. Should have ideally launched my brain-child ‘a2z’ today and see its growth in the next ten years.
  6. Might lecture in few B-Schools and various colleges on Media, Creativity, Digital Marketing, and anything that would remain current in the field of media/marketing/communications.
  7. Should hopefully blog for the next 10 years 🙂
  8. May/May-not get married by 2021 [;)]
  9. Celebrate parent’s 50th birthday this year 😛
  10. Take music as my side profession and learn more aspects of various forms of music.
  11. Day dreams to start her own consultancy firm after gaining some experience.
  12. Start a play school along with amma for Special Children.
  13. Learn at-least 3 different/new things that am not involved with at the moment.
  14. Live life to the fullest and go for a Europe trip.
  15. Finally, I will turn 30 by the end of this decade.
And a very Happy new year, a new decade to one and all following my blog.


  1. Deboshree

    Hey Swathi! I just went through several of your posts…liked the way you write. 🙂 By the by, I have also applied to SIMC Pune this year and have my fingers crossed for the same… this blog has succeeded in multiplying my interest manifold.
    …looking to start a multi-act blog of my own. 😉 😀

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