DECEMBER 2010: Last month of this year. A month of conflict, confusion, contradiction, complications and not so good a month (personally). In 4 more days, on December 22nd 2010, I am completing 21 years. Nothing to rejoice about it. Friends usually advice me not to look at my past life. But today, I decided to take a look at my 21 years of life. What have I done in life? Well. Answer is Nothing! I had been the typical girl in many senses. Been a kid, a teen, and now, trying to be a matured woman.

From being an extremely innocent girl, I became this talkative one when I was in teens. Everything has changed for me since I was 17 or 18 years old. Ever since, I have met many people in my life. Both good and bad. Good ones are still my friends, well wishers and the bad ones were gotten rid of. I have dealt with many experiences in life and learnt greater lessons the hardest way!

Now, I wanna change. “Change for good”. And wish to do better things.

Few things I would like to start doing in the coming few months –

  1. Initiate myself to write a book
  2. Sign up for a foreign language – Say, Spanish/German
  3. Make 2 or 3 short films – Serious films
  4. Create a new design portfolio consisting – Logos, Posters, Brochures, Office Stationary, Greeting cards, Bookmarks, Magazine covers, Cartoons, Webpage templates, etc.
  5. Learn atleast 30 new kritis/songs 🙂
  6. Start gym-ing
  7. Read 40 new books – novels, short stories, management books, biographies, etc.
  8. Click for photography portfolio – Portrait, Nature/Landscape, Night, B/W, Street, Fashion, Food, Product, Feature stories, etc.
  9. Volunteer working for many NGOs
  10. Design PR/Marketing campaign for famous brands
  11. Watch one movie everyday or every-night

And the list is definitely an endless one. I hope to kick-start with few things right away so that I am done by most of them by the end of March/April 2011.


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