We all crib at the beginning, but hate to leave this place at the end. Yes, its Hostel. This experience is new to me. An experience to reminisce about in the future. You become a different personality altogether. You learn more managerial skills here. You understand psychology here. You learn various languages here. You become a philosopher at times. The best of directors are born here. Writers, bloggers, poets, artists, musicians, innovators, inventors, leaders and all those endless novelty takes its beginning or refining process here.

I am sure anybody who have had hostel life experiences can relate to me. I recollect my journey into hostel life and the 4 months I have stayed here now. My parents came along with almost 12 baggages to leave me behind this beautiful life. Today, I miss my parents a lot. Nevertheless, I would miss hostel more.

Before coming to hostel, people told –

  1. “Oh! You are going to hostel? Hmmm… Then, you may find it difficult to adjust since its your 1st time..” 
  2. “Hostel life? Hah! How much I miss those days.. Don’t worry, you will have fun.. You would make the best out of it you know?”
  3. “Its yet another thing in your life.. Nothing so special… Just go there! Study well and come back..”
  4. “Is it coed or…”

 After coming to hostel, I say –

  1. If you don’t go to a residential campus / have a hostel experience in your life even once, then you are missing the best thing in your life. Especially when you come to a place like Lavale, you would just want to be here. 
  2. Just go for it. Don’t think for some 10 years to decide on going/coming to hostel. 
  3. As mentioned earlier, one learns a lot of things in hostel. Observation, listening, communication, planning, managing time, managing self, crisis management, handling conflicts, and many alike are skills you develop here without even realizing. 
In a hostel, you can walk into anybody and say a ‘hi’. Most of them are far away from home and that ‘hi’ can mean a lot to them in terms of love, care, affection. You network the most in hostel. You adopt mentors in hostel. Most of these networked people are the ones who become business partners in future or sometime life partners too. 
I am leaving today for home. I was quite emotionless until today. But, I know am going to miss hostel and my room for another month and a half. Hopefully, I should be back 🙂
2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


  1. aseemrastogi2

    Hostel life is amazing..Truthfully speaking without it college life is boring, dreary, dull and dry..And I am speaking this after 4 yrs in VIT and 1.5 yrs here in SIBM…:)

  2. Aseem

    Truthfully speaking what has made me myself today is because of exposure to hostel life..As one says it makes a person stronger mentally and prepared for the world outside while at home one would just be dependent on parents / uncles / aunties / brothers / sisters for each and everything!

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