Girl: Can you gimme a hand?
Boy: Why not? (Gives his hands to her)
[How lame?]
Girl: Huh? What are you trying to do?
Boy: Well. My hands dear…?
[Can it get more irritating?]
Girl: Errr. I asked for help. Help me with the luggage.
Boy: Oh! Sure sure.
Girl: So what do you do?
Boy: Carrying your luggage.
[Is it now?]
Girl: You think you are very funny?
Boy: ????
[The dumbness part really showcased]
Girl: What do you do with your life?
Boy: Its a pretty difficult question you see. I am into..
[Now what on earth is a pretty question?]
Girl: So, you are unemployed?
Boy: Basically, I do a lot of work.
[And finally you do nothing.. ]
Girl: Thanks. I can handle the luggage now. 
Boy: It’s okay. I will carry it for you.
[To where?] 

And I write random and disconnected stuff too =D

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