CREATIVE THINKING is all about asking yourself of “What can I do to get my mind to escape the routine thought pattern. I’ve gotta find some new track and then eventually come up with an AHA!”.
The idea might sound silly at first go, that it doesn’t make any sense at all. And very often people would say and throw back at you that it will never work and that it is extremely stupid. But if we just go with the concept called “concept extraction” you can generate an idea from even from those negative comments. 

Let us be comfortable with this idea that sounds little rocky absurd, make us giggle and step back from them. There might be a concept we can extract. Maybe we can move out thinking forward to something new that we haven’t thought of. This thought or ideas when first presented aren’t the idea that you end up delivering. So try to extract something from its concept. You wouldn’t know that it might end up being the best among the rest.

Imagination is more important than knowledge quoted Albert Einstein. To rephrase this for the present day scenario, I would say, Imagination, coupled with creative thinking leads to better imagination and thus better inventions. 

Be creative, Be innovative. Its in you !

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