Today, the world is constantly adapting to various technology and trends like never before. One such change is seen in the way we read books. The book addicts and the interest for reading books has led to the improved quality of text communication, the access to various forms of information, portability to read and so on and so forth.

So what is new now?

Apple’s constant innovation has led to yet another sleek product called iPad. So what does one do with iPad with respect to reading? It has this application called iBooks which enables one to have a digital reading experience.

Influence of iPad on our innovative thinkers (“the” students)?

Two students X and Y discuss before the exam after the launch of iPad:

X: Dude. I haven’t prepared much for the exam. How about you?
Y: Hmmm. In a similar situation I must say.
X: So, are we doing something in today’s exams?
Y: I guess your iPad is pretty well loaded with stuff. Isn’t it?
X: Oh yeah. But don’t know what’s there in it.
Y: Check if you have all the marketing notes in it ? Especially the STP notes? Since, Prof C took much efforts in explaining those concepts in the last class.
X: What is STP? Search doesn’t seem to show any results in mine.
Y: Oh my …. Search for Segmentation and all that.. Hmmm.. Search. Results 3 found.
X: Hey! Was it in this class that Prof C asked us to watch Inception and all that?
Y: Huh?
X: It was a good movie i say! 😀

Sure, iPad can serve as a great device during examination times. Though many still wish that iPad-shuffle is launched soon. It can make life more simple and easier. ( Perhaps! A student’s life)

Be creative, Be innovative. Its in you !


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