20 years of SIMC. Alumni Meet. Connections ’10 its called. 

Reactions: “Oh sure. Why not?” Lets celebrate 20 years of student power, faculty, administration, directors ;), campuses, infrastructure, and more and more. 2 days of fun is an understatement here at Lavale, Pune. Met varied alumni of SIMC. Some working in the top management, some ideating for Ad agencies, Some into entrepreneurship, some into film making, composing music, while some happily married and settled, some achievers in their respective field, some sound journalists and some writers too.

We also had the oldest alumni from the ’92 batch attending this years’ Connections’10. Lady! You inspired us a lot. 🙂

Most of them were in mixed emotions and hugged their fellow batch mates, their hostel mates, their faculty, the bhaiyas in the mess, few claimed how SIMC was important to them in their life, and many more shouting out a big thanks to this very institute for shaping their personality and career in a big way. Many more cribbed about how they missed those moments of coming in late for their classes, how they studied over night with their friends, those endless conversations they had, eating in class, whining about mess food, getting warning letters, etc. And, here, my batch-mates discuss how we would come as alumni, two years later.

This was not the end. We organized fun games, mehendi stalls, tatoo stalls, food stalls, etc. just taking them back to their college life literally. And yeah. They also stayed in the hostel rooms yet again with their best buddies. How lucky were they?

Ofcourse, every alumni of SIMC would agree that they had their best times of life @ SIMC, Pune.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days

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