Practise sessions. Fun. Performance. Entertainment. Talent. Creativity. Difference. Music. Dance. Theatre. Painting. Memories.

The above mentioned are few descriptive words for Jalsa, the cultural night hosted by SIMC for SIMC. I was moved by the fact that a day was dedicated for us to showcase our talents. From singing performances to dance and moves to live painting to skit plays to what not? I enjoyed every bit of the evening today. I was dumbstruck seeing other people’s talent. Today, I believed that I was in the right place named SIMC. Its a place full of creativity, talented and smart students.

And for sure, I would love to have more evenings of mine singing, if not for an audience, at-least in my hostel room. Of-course, my experience of singing 2 hindi songs was unforgettable. Nayan Tarse from DevD and Mora Saiyaan from Fuzon are close to my heart. I would like to thank Suvrat, Bikash, Danny, Vidyadar and Abhinav who helped me in the practice sessions and trust me.. they are wonderful musicians.

And @Vidhu: You and I should do more jamming I say! Especially Carnatic music 🙂 and this guy is extremely talented.. He is definitely a ‘complete musician’.. Knows to sing, play guitar, keyboard, drums, and what not? Tell us more about it vidhu! 😛

Finally, a great evening to cherish upon.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


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