>Deep within ..


I don’t understand how to explain in words when it feels you like someone so much, you don’t dare to express it to them, yet secretively admire all li’l things they do. You try to connect with all passionate things they do, you try to be their pillar of strength though you don’t know how they are gonna think about you, you do all crazy things, you try to listen and never react, you are at the verge of options like “either take or lose”, you are “so not you” but you like that feeling, you would have hated certain things in your life so much that you are considering to accept those dislikes to be your likes for that someone, you are called retarded and you feel its cool to be one.

All I felt, did.. but killed it within.. Buried those emotions.. I didn’t wanna express.. and I put a straight face as though nothing has ever happened.

P.S: I love you. I hid it. Sorry.

There are things I cannot express
when I look into your eyes
Maybe the fear of rejection 
I feel and see

There is love within, 
which I will allow to grow
But never show
And, I wish you were mine.

One comment

  1. Aseem

    >I have gone through this many a time in my life and I can so easily associate myself with what you have put. Really simple words to bring out something so deep 🙂

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