I miss Chennai at this juncture… Like really! I miss being home.. I miss my friends there.. I miss Kapaleeshwar temple.. I miss going to my music classes.. I miss the authentic idly sambhar..

I miss patti’s (grandmom’s) vada paayasam… I miss ela saapadu (food served on banyan leaf).. I miss driving on chennai roads… I miss marina beach.. I miss mount road.. I miss satyam.. I miss t nagar.. I miss besant nagar… I miss shopping in the road side shops..

I miss walking alone in the night without any fear in mind.. I miss travelling by bus.. I miss the carnatic concerts… I miss simply being at home watching those non-sensical tamil channels.. I miss everything that was close to my heart in Chennai.. 

To my home, to my land, to my love, to my Chennai on its birthday, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. 371 years young and you look more beautiful day by day! 🙂 


  1. Aseem

    After reading about all the places in an around Chennai which you have mentioned here, I myself am missing Chennai..:( God! Those 4 years were the best of my life..South India is amazing – truly fantastic and Tamil Nadu is like the cherry on the cake 🙂

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