True Emotions As Reflected Self 

Oh yeah! Tears reflect one’s inner self.. one’s true emotions.. Its connotation need not be constrained to  unhappiness.. Sometimes, you cry because you are hurt.. because you faced a failure.. because you were rejected.. but have you ever cried because you were high with happiness? or you were experiencing ecstasy of your life? or Imagine.. you just hit a chord which connected with your soul so perfect?

Well, I cried today! Not because I was unhappy, dejected with life, or felt broken, or for any damn reason that one may think of.. But… yes, I cried because I connect well with just few things in my life experiences… One such connectivity that I hold is with my music.. Music is definitely eternal.. When I listen to music, and if I am well connected, there is a strong link between me, music and my soul.. Its like liberation.. Its the bliss that I really can’t explain how it feels..

With tears, with emotions, with happiness, with love, I wish that this experienced moment be ‘alive’ during all times of my life!



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