Definition: Confusion is the inability to think with your usual speed or clarity, including feeling disoriented and having difficulty paying attention, remembering, and making decisions.

What happens to one’s mind when there are more than one option to choose from? What happens when certain things cling to you like never before. Its like you love chocolate as well as vanilla flavor ; and asked to choose only from them? You either try to make a combination from both and have it. Well, imagine something as extreme in flavor like Strawberry and Lichee? You would want to distinguish both the flavors by having them separately or just ignore one of the flavors. 

Now, this is how your mind works. You either chuck one of your most favorite things to get another best thing. Life is usually complicated. Either you have no options or you have too many options or you don’t have the one that you deserve or you try to happy with the available choice just when the best one you have been craving for peeps out to show itself with its presence. Situations worsen. All one needs to do is, stay calm, deal with it and decide what works best for you and choose from that. If nothing available, then there is hope for something better to come. 



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