Who am I?

SWATHI.. Well, that’s my name! I am here to share with you my emotions, my thoughts, my expressions, my feelings, my inner  values, my world, my principles, my fantasies, my goals, my objectives, my passion, my dream job, my role models, my hobbies, my favorite things, my friends, my love and zest for life and many more things….

I am a simple human being.. oh yeah! the stereotyped female gendered person.. I have lived an ample 20 years of my life to realize and try to understand who exactly am I? I am sure many of you out there have gone through this feeling sometime or the other in a particular phase of your life.. For few, its early realization.. for some, the idea even strikes at a later phase in their life.. Really wonder WHO AM I? Please feel free to share what you think we all are? I accept it differs from person to person..

I admit, i don’t know who I am.. But at the end of my life, I know whom I want to be known as.. Not a person who discovered/ invented something, nor a person who achieved a million and zillion of money, neither a person who was famous for something, but known as a simple human being.. I just want to be known and accepted the way I am as an individual person barring any comparisons with pre-conceived ideas..

And yeah, I am what I am..

Welcome to my world!



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