A month and a half experience!

I am definitely improving day by day.. in all perspectives 🙂 with continuous lectures (knowledge seeking sessions to term them in a better way), assignments, projects, presentations, few researches, etc. Here at SIMC, we do much more stuff! We have different clubs namely Film Club, Photography Club, Sports Club, SIMC Band, and so on… Also we have various cells which delegates work to its students, through which we effectively inculcate our theoretical knowledge into practical work then and there..

Its been an expedition of various activities starting with birthday parties, freshers party, senior-junior cricket matches, events, trekking, jamming music to entertaining your audience with their favorite numbers, sleepless nights chit chatting absolutely non cynical stuff, gossiping, and for a few, relationships too.. 🙂 🙂

I was a typical  first timer in hostel who cribbed about so many things.. but trust me, everything fell in place so well now that I feel very much at home! To sum it up, I have few good friends, I have a good room, I have great education, I have all the more fun jamming and singing, and the best of all, I love this place.. and say it loud.. It’s SIMC, Lavavle..

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


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