It was a great journey with my dad who was quite supportive more than I could ask for and guided me until the entire process in “SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION” got over.
Yeah, I joined one of the best Management Schools in India that offers business administration programs for Media and related fields. Abbreviated as SIMC, it is a huge campus with mountains surrounding the campus. It definitely gave me an international appeal at the first look of the campus. Also, the senior students and faculty were very warm to us and explained to us about how the GD and PI tests work.

Most of the times, the GD topics are related to Current affairs. (This may vary for other management schools though.) I had given my best shot in GD and further gave my Personal Interview too. After both, I somehow felt that this is the place I would want to join whatsoever. Likewise, I also felt that I will get selected in the merit list.

So, now, I am in SIMC, Lavale, Pune and I travelled in the same train recollecting my memories. Well, this time, I am here in SIMC to pursue my passion for Media and learn all possible skill sets.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days

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