Try to visualize what I experienced. A landscape from top of the hill showcasing nature’s best, surrounded by greenery, a climate perfect to enjoy the bliss of the campus. Yes, this is Lavale for you. Situated in about  30kms from Pune Junction, I was enthusiastic to get to my hostel as early as possible. Oh yeah! This is my first experience in staying away from home. Checked into my room. And trust me. It is definitely a better place than you expect. I gotta see the diversity of India in my hostel. So many people from various parts of India. And there were few more international students too.

In my opinion, such a vast group of people from various parts of the world gives you a better environment for study experience, especially for an MBA post graduate degree. I say so because this is exactly how your work environment would be and you learn to be flexible, you learn time management, you learn various languages, you get to know about other cultures and all this leads you to know the world and its people better.

True to my opinion, I did have to face few challenges. But one may take from me that there are always various people to help you and this is the place where long life friendships develop for most of them.

Nevertheless, to speak about the infrastructure provided by Symbiosis International University, it has a well  equipped library, a canteen within the campus, highly valued studios, seminar halls, and not to forget about the recreation hall which consists of Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Cricket and Football Ground, Basketball Court, Indoor games hall, Squash Court, Yoga and Meditation hall. Do I need to ask more? 🙂 I wouldn’t. Because I have so many options given to me beyond my expectations.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days

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