ACT I still continues..

A few more days passed by. I had applied to only one university under the brand umbrella. Something like you write CAT and you apply for IIM-A,B,C,K, etc. And the process in these Management schools are that, even if you get a great percentile in your entrance exams, the school will have a certain way of calculating your score and there will be a separate list of shortlisted applicants who are called for GD (Group Discussions) and PI (Personal Interviews).

I wondered when the final list will be out. And to my expectation most of them who get a decent cut off in their entrance exam do expect their names in the final merit list. Hence, I did find my name for the final round – GD/PI. There was this huge list of requirements that was attached to the mail by the university.

Here’s the small little things you need to do if you want to make it to the top management schools. Every single word in the mail seeks importance. The smarter you get with these things, you are heading the right path. For instance, in my mail they had given information about what is expected out of us. They asked me to carry my resume, a portfolio – a compilation of whatever you had done in your under-graduation mostly, certificates, and few letters of recommendation supporting all your other documents can come in handy.

It was almost February 4th 2010. I had great plans of designing my portfolio in a particular way. But it was difficult to do all that in a short while. This is when I learn a lesson that I should keep design templates done much prior with time. I managed to do a simple portfolio which was segmented into various sections – Personal, Co-curricular, Extra-curricular, Achievements, etc. One might assume that there is not much importance given to your extra-curricular activities. I bet you are wrong. As in you are completely, flip-side-down, horizontally, vertically, from all directions you are wrong. Nothing like a small achievement in any of the passionate things  you would like to pursue in your life like – singing, dancing, art, sports, magic, films, photography, etc. This boosts up your marks in the personal interview. And here let me make it clear, its like your booster packs (more like an added advantage).

After all this preparation, I couldn’t wait for the day when I can finally be done with all these procedure to know what my career’s destiny is like. I traveled in the train thinking about everything. Heading from Chennai to Pune.

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days

One comment

  1. Aseem

    Loved this line "As in you are completely, flip-side-down, horizontally, vertically, from all directions you are wrong." It depicts your thoughts and ideas so beautifully an amazingly 🙂

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