ACT I Continues..

It was a season of happiness and yeah, realized that a year has passed by. I have always wondered how one year dies and an other year replaces the previous year in the exact same way except that the numbers and days change. The whole world was glued to the idiot boxes to commemorate the birth of year 2010. No one knew what I was feeling. I didn’t want to see the year pass-by. That night few forwards buzzed my mobile stating that “In two more years, the world will come to an end”. I was wondering what a lateral way of thinking by few people who just randomly trust the rumors. These are the people who blame the world and the surrounding for their inability to achieve.

It struck 12 midnight and NDTV, CNN-IBN and all the million TV News channels were celebrating the new year’s birth. I was feeling a bit insecure within that 2010 decides a lot of things for me. My under-graduation coming to an end. My results for the entrance exams that I wrote were awaited. Musically, I had to grow in this year. Had made so many plans but wondered if I would execute them properly.

All I said to myself is that “Everything will be fine and just don’t take things too hard”. And yeah, it’s so true when I think now. I just dreamt that 2011 will come sooner like our Jet planes and not like our Mumbai Mail. So, wished that things turned out well for me. It was not a prayer but like a magic wish asking all the superior powers to support my endeavor.

Days, passed on.. and the much awaited results were out by Mid- January. And guess who tells me about the results? A dear friend of mine named Madhu messages me and asks what is my register number. And I am like why? and the following message she sends is – “you are selected!” I was like whaaaaat? Because, I didn’t even know if the results were coming. Honestly, didn’t really expect it to turn out this way. I started watching an interesting movie that night named “Bicycle thieves” before all this excitement news poured in. And after which, I missed watching the movie for a week 😦 Anyways, now that the results turned out to be this way, I had to make my choices. And what did I finally decide?

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days

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