Today was December 19th 2009. I just got done with my Internals after which I had to go and perform a concert in the December Festival, Chennai. My mom was a perfect example of any mom who can put their child through pressurizing waves and get their blood heated up too. But I understood her agony and would obey her for the moment but decide to do what I feel like doing. And yeah, she kept reminding me about an entrance exam that I had registered for, which was scheduled on Dec 20th 2009. It was sensible for me to practice music because I had a concert the next day and I didn’t wanna fool myself on stage.

My logic for any entrance exam is that at you either prepare for it on a regular basis or never appear for it if unprepared. I was not even an inch closer to something called Preparation. I was least bothered and practiced music and slept. On 20th Dec, gave a decent performance and thought I could somehow convince my mom about skipping the exam. The exam starts at 2pm and it was already 1pm. My mom anticipating such dramas from me, intelligently carried my hall ticket and few pencils. In these situations, if someone could ever convince me, it was my Dad. Hence my mom asked him to convince me somehow. He affectionately put it across to me in similarity to any dad pampering his daughter and I couldn’t refuse.

I prepared NOTHING and went inside the hall and to my surprise I found geek like people sitting there who gave me looks which reflected their so-called-coaching-classes attitude. I found them real fun because I found many emotions in each and every student’s face. Some tensed, some confused, some almost looked like they will vomit whatever they know on the answer key, and some were uncaring about the whole thing. At that moment, I just gave it a thought. My mind asked – WHY CAN’T I? As in why can’t I do this and get a good score? Its after all basic quants, English, reasoning, and GK.

I am a vivid reader, I follow news, I watch movies, I converse a lot, and I felt am no less competent to others.      That kind of thinking self-motivated me. Trust me! It really works. All you need to clear these MBA entrance exams is to use your presence of mind, be more practical and you are definitely there.

The bell rang in the hall and the teacher in charge gave me those thick bundle of question paper. I managed to do whatever I knew and I actually enjoyed doing the exam because it was fun finding those logical reasoning to a problem or answering those cake-walk English questions. But yeah, my GK was bad. and quants was a scrape through.

After all this, did I manage to clear this exam with a decent cut-off ????????

2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


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