What is this all about?

Hey there – to whoever is reading this right now. Its been ages since I wrote something. And one of my friends urged that I write about my present life on this blog. And now you maybe wondering what’s up with my present life? Fine! Let me take you through a quick trailer of my life. Its going to be a word-trailer unlike the so-called-visually-appealing ones you would have come across in your daily life (well, I love complicating simple stuffs just to check if you have not dozed off! Knock Knock! Oh! Well, you are awake reading this. Well, sorry for the interruption!)
Trailer Sequence – A visual of grainy image showcasing the year of my birth way back in 1989 December. (cut to) A grown up image of me going to kinder-garden school (cut to) ……….and it fast forwards to year 2010. Woooooohooo! Time spent by so fast in our so called Indian Education system, I managed to complete B.Sc in Electronic Media in Chennai.
And now its time to either work or as the society today expects every single Indian who hails from a family like mine to have either a MS from the US (or) a B.Tech from the famous IIT’s, or even better an MBA from Harvard or our never-ending-fees-hiking-institute, the IIM’s.
Now that you know what I am speaking all about, stay connected to know what exactly I chose to do after B.Sc, the process to get there, the life updates and all that!
2years, 2months, 2 weeks, 2 days


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