55 years of togetherness



Thatha, usually comes across as a stern person to many who don’t know him very well. I, for instance, had experienced only that side of his, for he was more of a guru than a grandfather. But, his alter side will explain that he is very child-like at heart and wishes only good for others. 

Patti, to me is undoubtedly the best cook in this entire world. I have always believed that she would have become a scientist – if she got the kind of exposure the present generation gets.

Both of them are outwardly frank, sometimes blunt but genuine with their intentions.

To me, my values, belief system, and other useful skills stems from their influences and upbringing.

I can’t stop myself from admiring both of them for being there for each other – although their expression of love is only understood by each other.

Happy 55th anniversary – Thatha and Patti :)

The beautiful Madras I belong to.

Madras is a place. Tamilians are its people. And, we really don’t address ourselves as Madrasis. For god’s forbidden sake, Madrasi is not our language. Tamil is what we call it and converse in.

Idli, dosa, pongal, vadai, getti chutney, sambar, and a brewing cup of filter kaapi is our familiar gastronomy. We also have koththu parottas, vadaicurry, biriyani, elai saapadu and the like to expand our taste buds. We make ways to accommodate and relish pani-pooris as much as we salivate on greek food.

29C, 41D, 21, 27D, 1A, 21H, 21G, 24C has seen travel diaries across all walks of life and can run into endless scripts if one begins to document all of these.

Sivaji/MGR, Rajni/Kamal, Vijay/Ajith are superheroes of Tamil Cinema. End of discussion.

Most of us grew up laughing at Senthil & Goundamani more than Tom & Jerry.

We love our Marina, Elliot’s, Kovalam beach as much as we love the kadalai there.

Amma vs. Karuna is an endless political debate topic for most of us here.

The Stella queens and the Loyola kings are the essence of youth. They are the reason that, we haven’t seen a economic breakdown yet. Such ambassadors of consumerism.

We listen to Michael Jackson as much as we are absorbed to M S Subbulakshmi. Although, when we sing english songs, we are proud to have a strong sense of tamil accent. Because, we are too cool like that.

Last time we checked, the record says that there are as many kabadi lovers as soccer fans. Any sports along beach side or road side is our favorite sport.

Top Gear should seriously consider conducting a special edition in singaara chennai and star all of us for surviving after driving along the bus and auto annas.

If Mint and Mylapore are crowd pullers, what do we describe T Nagar and Tambaram? If Kodambakam and Vadapalani are film maker’s paradise, what will they shoot without Besant Nagar and Boat Club? If Royapettah and Mount Road didn’t exist, where will the city ‘hang-out’?

The city Madras, is all of this and has more to offer too.

Being far away from Madras has only made me grow fonder of the place and realize its worthiness.

Lastly, sweating it out is our way of life. Of course we are epitome of hardwork, intelligence, perseverance, upholding our cultural values. And, we have this great sense of humour that just makes it a huge bumper package – like a perfect pongal/diwali sale offer.

This article is inspired from a video published by Madras Photo Factory

dear mama..








dear mama,

you taught me so much that I don’t know where to begin from.

you lived with great principles and displayed highest artistic integrity.

you influenced me to live in my own terms. and not seek others opinion when it came to important decisions I had to take.

you taught me to make peace with my own mistakes.

you illustrated to me what perseverance feels like.

you pampered me like a kid and treated me equal at several instances.

you taught me what simplicity is all about.

you shared a part of your soul which till date I cherish.

and, the best thing was, you taught me all of this through music. and by being the person you were.

i miss you mama aka kutty paiyya.

| Chingleput Ranganathan (June 3,1938 – July 12, 2011)


From my 24 years of living and experiences, I have been exposed to several lessons of life. Here’s an humble attempt to express them through a string of words.

  1. Life is a big puzzle. Times we would have thought that the biggest challenge has been solved and its time for celebrations. Suddenly, the game uncovers newer and better challenges.
    Lesson : Being prepared for these challenges makes the game less interesting. And, not being prepared makes it difficult to play on. Just screw everything and accept that life is filled with puzzles all the time.
  2. READ this sentence aloud. ‘Human beings are complicated. Every single person is unique and this holds good for self.’
    Lesson : We don’t have enough time to understand oneself. Leave alone understanding others and making sense of what others feel from time to time.
  3. Family may or may not be everything. But, remember that you have all the luxury to fight and make peace with them.
    Lesson : Its a universal truth. If your family doesn’t quarrel with you for umpteen number of reasons, be assured, you’re not living a normal life. They can never stop loving you despite the fact you’re the most intolerable-mischievous-disobeying-adamant-demanding-attention seeking person. They have accepted you not for a lack of choice, but because they simply love you. Truly. Madly. Deeply. DOT.
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You can miss the TV Series. But not the real people who are your friends.
    Lesson : Quoted from ‘To kill a mockingbird’, “You can choose your friends but you sho’ can’t choose your family, an’ they’re still kin to you no matter whether you acknowledge ‘em or not, and it makes you look right silly when you don’t.”
  5. Love, Relationship, Commitment, Marriage, Family of your own is a nice, cosy dream for many of us. And, is supposedly a beautiful chapter in one’s life journey.
    Lesson : Believe in your karma. If it is meant for you, it will happen no matter what. It will find its way into your life.
    Dear Women, Don’t settle down before you are completely prepared for it. And, don’t let a relationship define you. You’re to be accepted for who/what/how you are. If your family/friends can do it, the one meant for you will do it too. And, without whining.
    Dear Men, If you find an awesome woman, just be with her. Life wouldn’t be simple. It probably would feel like a complex calculus problem. But, sure will be worth it, when you try solving it.

All these lessons learned above, these are going to evolve even more in time and several more will be added. And, that is life.


time surely flies.
2 years since we parted.
to different cities.
to different countries too.

single to committed to married.
status changed.
life changed.
for the better i hope.

but. one thing that still unites.
all of us.
is our spirit.
the undying one.

i will continue to.
reminisce about 2010-12.
everyone of you.
once were part of.

SIMC Pune 2012.
thank you for being the best.


Click Credit : Rishabh Nagpal