time surely flies.
2 years since we parted.
to different cities.
to different countries too.

single to committed to married.
status changed.
life changed.
for the better i hope.

but. one thing that still unites.
all of us.
is our spirit.
the undying one.

i will continue to.
reminisce about 2010-12.
everyone of you.
once were part of.

SIMC Pune 2012.
thank you for being the best.


Click Credit : Rishabh Nagpal

your routine touch-points at johannesburg.

first time at joburg? wondering how to handle your routine chores here? no worries. below is a list of brands that one could choose from for your regular touch points.

1. telecom – vodacom / MTN / cell-c

2. grocery shops – woolworths / pick n pay / foodco

3. medical & personal hygiene – clicks

4. malls – rosebank / sandton city / kimberly / northgate / the glen / morning side glen / morning side / monte casino / southgate

5. indian stores / restaurants – bombay blues (rosebank) / the raj (nelson mandela square) / delhi durbar (near grayston) / curry & spice (morning side glen) / dosa hut (central road, near oriental plaza)

6. banks – standard bank / fnb / nedbank / absa

7. car rental – avis / hertz / europcar

8. electronic shops – gameco / incredible connections

9. gyms – virgin active / planet fitness

10. eCommerce – kalahari.com

p.s : to know more about the mentioned brands, use your preferred search engine. like ‘google’ :D

to break all myths about africa.

even before i was offered to be at south africa,

even before i had decided to take it up,

even before my visa process could happen, 

even before the travel tickets came, 

i heard enough apprehensions from everyone. 

reason being its africa. 


till date. 

till this moment. 

i have my folks, friends, strangers, colleagues, 

and everyone in the world, 

asking me one question. 

is it safe there? 

hope you’re not in trouble. 


its irony and beautiful. 

to let them know that. 

africa is really safe.

the native people are, 

polite, courteous, kind and loving.


that’s what i have felt about being in africa.  

in so many conversations with my close people, 

i have iterated the fact that i enjoy being here. 


agreed. i have my homesick days. 

because i have my people too. 

and when they are not here, 

i tend to feel lonely. at times.

only sometimes.


to break the myth.

africa is rich in every sense.

its people. who are examples of perseverance.

rich in my eyes with the way they treat fellow beings.


my days go incomplete,

if i don’t initiate a conversation,

‘hey! how are you?

good, good and you?’  

with a stranger, 

who with time,  

becomes someone i smile back at everyday. 

a month’s experience in south africa.

1 month has rolled by. 4 weekends happened too. apart from work for which I am here at South Africa (SA), I have managed to savour myself with some exploration of visiting different places in SA.

my first weekend was an experience of kissing-the-sky at Rand Airport. a group of us had gone there to have our breakfast along the runway. some genius amongst us enquired about access to flying and that happened immediately without a second thought. 25 minutes of riding a small aircraft with a cute pilot is definitely not a bad idea.

the following weekend, I, Anjali, Girish and Sumeet drove through gigantic mountains to reach Hartbeespoort. there, we visited hartbeespoort dam, snake and animal farm and went on a cruise and speed-boat ride. around late afternoon, we headed to a cafe for lunch. and it just began to rain and became a brilliant setting for our meal. till date, we have our share of laughter about that day’s rain.

and last weekend, part of nextgen (Sumeet, Halliq, Ashni, Padmini, Vijaya, Chinmay and myself) along with Anjali and Girish adventured to visit Blyde River Canyon. This visit till date is my most favourite one in South Africa because of how nature unravelled its beauty in every frame of our sight. Starting from the 6.5 hrs long journey from Sandton, Johannesburg to stopping by at exotic places for documenting what our eyes were experiencing in front of us – beautiful panoramic views.

best moments were visiting mac mac waterfalls, panoramic views from god’s window, wonder view, upper viewing point, lower viewing point, world’s end view,  horse riding and visiting pothole in Graskop.

given a choice, I would like to explore blyde river canyon once again just to experience its breathtaking beauty.

with all of that, 1 month at south africa has been very exciting and completely adventurous for me. look forward to remaining months of my stay here and exploring newer things.


from the city of gold.

My 2014 couldn’t have begun in a better way. 2 weeks into the year and I am in Johannesburg (South Africa) for work and the everyday learning is something I am completely addicted to. Its a nice feeling to look out for new things, be inspired by a new culture, people, food, routine, etc. 

Quick observations from the past 1 week - 

  • Nelson Mandela is like god to every native person here
  • The weather is very pleasant here. (atleast around January, its very good. Maybe its due to the summers)
  • There is ample day light throughout the day (between 5am – 730pm)
  • Roads are very neat and all of them follow lanes here. The directions are pretty similar to Indian driving 
  • The currency of South Africa is Rand. And, the cost of living here is pretty decent and manageable. 
  • The place is so vast with a variety of options, that one can’t get bored here. 
  • There are all kinds of food cuisines available. But, if one is a pure vegetarian (read : no eggs included), then the options are pretty limited. Again, you could choose to cook. 
  • Work timings for most corporate companies are anywhere between 730am and 6pm. 

As of now, I can’t wait to explore more of Joburg, especially the art and music scene here. And, I would be more than happy if any reader of this post could suggest me with some places / links I could visit / refer to. 

Year 2013

I have this crazy habit to record whatever I had experienced every year in my blog space. 

So here it goes.

What went well - 

  1. Completed Certification in Project Management from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai
  2. Did my First Music Production for a play – an adapted version of Mahabharata text for American International School, Chennai
  3. Wrote about 10 blog articles for Tanishq Swarna Sangeetham, a reality show on Classical Music that got broadcasted in Raj TV
  4. Started Quilling, clay modelling (using polymer clay and air dry clay)
  5. Credited for a song in a Tamil movie, Nalanum Nandiniyum
  6. Performed Thatha-Patti’s Sadhabhishekam (80th birthday celebrations)
  7. Started baking
  8. First exhibition of my handicraft work for display cum sale happened in Chennai
  9. Completed M.Music (Masters in Music) – First year successfully
  10. Switched to a new job with Human Factors International, Mumbai/Pondicherry
  11. Became a Certified Usability Analyst
  12. Performed around 20 classical music concerts across the year

What didn’t go too well -

  1. Two of my classmates Chintan Buch and Sahil Quereshi are not amidst us today due to a car accident
  2. Passing away of too many legendary artistes and amazing people who were such inspiration to me
  3. Still disturbed by so many violence against women in the form of rapes, abuse; against children.

Dear 2013, 

You’ve been very awesome to me. 

Dear 2014, 

You better be nice to everyone around me. 

On that note, here’s wishing all my readers a fantastic new year 2014. 

the city that gave me goosebumps. several times.

A city that accepted me whole heartedly for what I was. Made me part of it. Allowed me to experience some great moments. This is the city where I fell in love all over again. With myself. With Mumbai.

On October 15th 2013, I got down from an early morning flight at around 7:12 am and entered Mumbai Airport. With thoughts and dreams that always overwhelmed me about the city I aspired to be part of.  All by myself, I moved to Mumbai leaving behind a city that churned the person I am today – Chennai. The most important people in my life – amma, appa, grandparents, friends, teachers, gurus, home, my comfort zone was all left behind. I got a cab and addressed the cab driver as sir. Straight ahead, he dropped me at ‘Raj Legacy’ in Vikhroli. I bucked up and got ready for my first day at work after settling into the guest house.

Work routine happened. The next 4 weeks, I got into preparing for a certificate exam. Amidst that, I found a house in Vikhroli, about 600 meters away from my work place. That’s a dream life for any Mumbaikar. No travel. Not much distance. Prime location on the main road. Decent locality. And a house was found. It was that time of the year that I started experiencing real life. In those 4-5 weeks (until November 6th 2013), I explored different parts of Mumbai and these experiences mean a lot to me.

Some of them include -

  1. Chembur Fine Arts, Chembur
  2. IIT, Powai
  3. Shanmukhananda Sabha, Sion
  4. Crawford Market, Victoria Terminus / CST
  5. Badshah’s Falooda, Victoria Terminus / CST
  6. Sidharth’s place, Powai
  7. Radhakrishnan uncle’s place, Wadala
  8. RCity Mall, Ghatkopar
  9. Phoneix Mall, Kurla
  10. Marine Drive
  11. Prithvi Theatre, Juhu
  12. Pop Tates, Vikhroli
  13. Bandra Worli Sea-Link
  14. Bandra Market
  15. Walk around Dadar
  16. Out of Blue, Powai
  17. Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Prabhadevi
  18. Powai Lake
  19. Andheri
  20. Santacruz
I was mostly accompanied to these places by friends, colleagues, family friends. I am really grateful to all of them who made time to take me out and show me places around. But, I have been to some of them on my own too. These were times, I wish I had a lot more time to explore Mumbai. The train journeys, the auto rides, the people I met, everyone had a story to share with me.

And, one day, the city I aspired to live in abruptly came to an end due to decisions of shifting to charming Pondicherry :)

On Dec 20th 2013, at around 7:12 pm I was back in Mumbai Airport. And this time, I wasn’t alone. I was filled with memories worth a lifetime.

Mumbai. Thanks for taking me into your arms. And, allowing me to leave away with fond memories. 

l we meet soon, be the awesome place you’re :)